Postpartum Weight Loss

Women experience various hormonal processes throughout life, which influence their physical condition. Women gain weight after going through a pregnancy, which is absolutely normal.

Postpartum weight loss can be successfully addressed with appropriate feeding and physical activity adapted to this female stage. She must drink plenty of water, eat five times a day and follow a balanced diet. Keep in mind that the more she breastfeeds her baby, the faster she will lose weight.

As for the physical activity, this should be moderate for at least six months after giving birth. She can then consult the doctor if she can train more intensively. She can walk, swim, dance slow rhythms, take Yoga, Stretching, or Pilates classes. It is recommended to do any of these activities for three or four hours per week. It is also important that the woman sleeps between seven or eight hours each night for a full rest of the body and mind.

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