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Weight Loss: an integrated approach

Overweight and obesity represent a serious problem for a large part of the world’s population. Every day millions of people combat this problem through strict diets and physical activity. Unfortunately, the failure rate is very high as people fail to lose weight. Weight loss must be approached from several perspectives to achieve the desired goals. […]


Did you know that almost 75% of the American population is not properly hydrated? If you’re experiencing drowsiness, headaches, or decreased bowel movements, it could very well be due to dehydration. Dull skin, dry mouth, fatigue, even weight gain. These are all side effects from not taking in enough water. Hydrating during exertion is especially […]

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the process of deliberately losing weight by limiting caloric intake, performing physical activities to expend energy, or using a combination of these methods. That means that your body has more than it needs and so the goal is for it to use up what extra calories there might be before they get […]

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